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Pinnacle was founded by an entrepreneur, so we’ve always been partial to people who think big. People with ideas and vision. People whose dream is to start a business and watch it grow, just as ours has. If you share our entrepreneurial philosophy, please contact us. We always return a call.

about pinnacle


We believe every brand has a truth that needs to be told. But you can’t tell the truth until you find it. And that’s not easy, because many brands confuse the truth with facts, which we consider fool’s gold. Facts are always helpful, but they’re never the truth, which usually lies buried somewhere beneath . . . all the facts. So we dig. And dig. And then we dig some more, until we discover that one pure nugget: your brand’s real meaning. Its truth.


We come from agencies large and small. Some of us come from the client side. And still others come from no advertising background at all. We like it that way. Diversity gives us different perspectives. And that comes in handy when your accounts range from multi-million-dollar international brands to local retail clients. The truth is, we like the unique challenges that come with helping small businesses grow, and big businesses grow even bigger. One promise: Large or small, local or global, we will always give your account the personal attention it deserves.

Mike Magnussen

Jake Rostollan

Chris Arkell
Chief Strategy Officer

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Chief Creative Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Director of Operations


We’re always looking for Never-Settlers: curious, nimble, quick-thinking team players who can help us energize our clients’ brands… while having fun doing it. If that sounds like you, click below. But do it soon — we work fast around here.



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